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9 year old boy asked Christ into his heart and said, "I want the bad out of my heart"
Clay Perkins Baptized a 9 year old boy who asked Christ into his heart and said, “I want the bad out of my heart”

Above: Prayer meeting at the PPM office leading up to the Franklin Graham Rally.  Because of your prayers and faithfulness, Longview was #2 in the state in attendance and decisions for Christ.  All the cities where he traveled, Longview was the smallest population, but really came out to worship.

Below: Clay Perkins had the privilege of leading this man to a saving knowledge of Jesus and then baptizing him on the street.  He’s now living free from selling drugs and at last report, not using any! Praise the Lord!


Above: Michael Bailey and Ekko baptize on the Beautiful Southside


Pastor Bud Miller Baptizing on Beautiful Southside


Alan Johnson preaching to crowd at Shade Tree


Clay Perkins and City AttorneyTerry Jackson and his wife. Both of these angels work tirelessly serving the Lord

20161008_171017Alan Johnson Baptizing a man that has been attending ShadeTree for over 2 years, finally gave his life to Jesus

Above: Alan Johnson Baptizing at Shade Tree
Gary Don Holley baptizing a young man that received Christ as his savior

Above: Gary Don Holley Baptizing on the parking lot under the Shade Tree

Above: Clay Perkins Baptizing on a warm summer day, after this young man received Christ



Above: Kilgore College Nursing Students giving free flu shots at                Shade Tree



Free Haircuts for our friends under the Shade Tree


Loading up the Trailer with plates and bowls to be used for Shade Tree and to be used by other missions for disaster relief or wherever folks need to be fed.

3 semi truck loads of plates and clam shells donated by an area company



Susan Avery, Shirley Perkins, Peggy Worsham and Lisa Boswell prepare to feed 150 men and women at the Hwy 80 Shelter

20160409_172352People lining up to get fed, Pizza in the Park for Beautiful Southside Saturday


Gary Don Holley praying with a young man wishing to follow Christ under the foot of the cross20160326_181103-2

Stacy Perkins Prays with one of the young ladies during the invitation time on Beautiful South Side Longview

One of our prayer partners speaking with local news station about counting the homeless population
Dale Perkins speaking to the family groups on a cold winter morning under the ShadeTree
Wedding at the ShadeTree, these 2 people wanted to get their relationship right in the sight of a Holy God
Wedding at the ShadeTree,
these 2 people wanted to get their relationship right in the sight of a Holy God-   UPDATE- just celebrated their 1 year anniversary


Pastor Richard Jones Shares a testimony with the ShadeTree Fellowship
Pastor Richard Jones Shares a testimony with the ShadeTree Fellowship

Alan Johnson Baptizing a man that has been attending ShadeTree for over 2 years, finally gave his life to Jesus

Katlynn Kennedy from Baylor School of dentistry volunteers her time to check the oral health of our ShadeTree Fellowship

Katlynn Kennedy from Baylor School of dentistry volunteers her time to check the oral health of our ShadeTree Fellowship

Scott Hamilton gives a charge to the volunteers before the prayer time at ShadeTree
Scott Hamilton gives a charge to the volunteers before the prayer time at ShadeTree
Bluegrass Band from Fellowship Bible Church
performs at ShadeTree

Sanctuary Under the Shade Tree

Jason and Stephanie Berglund volunteering with a crew from Grace Creek Fellowship in Longview

Celebrating the Risen Lord!


Blazz and Ekko Baptizing a new believer on Beautiful South Side Longview20160611_174447 20160528_165331 20160528_162538 20160528_162105 20160528_161430

Michael McGee, Susan Avery, Barby Baker and Renee’ Hamilton preparing food for Beautiful South Side  Longview along with other awesome servants

Washing of the Feet

One of our prayer partners washing the feet of a prostitute that visits the ShadeTree Fellowship frequently

Testimony from the streets…

“Praise the Lord! I have been called by God to work in womens ministry.  The “Sanctuary Under the Shade Tree” has given me a renewed inspiration.  I am so much more inspired now!  Praise God for the anointing in this place!

Marlene Smith

 Serving what the people have dubbed “Jesus Burgers”

Parker Nall came all the way from Waco to help serve “Jesus Burgers”
It’s a family time to be the hands and feet of Jesus

Thanksgiving under the ShadeTree

Pictures of Shade Tree Mission when we first began a two years ago…

…and the people came

First Week in August 2012, One year Celebration

“Little Momma” playing the part of the tomb angel during the Easter play

Stephanie sharing from the Word of God

Entertaining the kids as they learn about the love of Jesus
Christmas Feast and invitation to follow the Savior
Preaching the Truth

Shade Tree Ministry Testimony:

My wife, Courtny, and I came to help serve at the Shade Tree and were absolutely astonished. Seeing the Lord at work never fails to amaze us, but being part of it is even better! Serving at this ministry feels nothing short of going on a mission trip to another city. Even though I know the vast differences of people who live within Longview, I never could have imagined how much certain people groups would respond to the Lord. It is clear that God is at work downtown and has huge things in store for this ministry. I would even dare say that He has begun a revival that is bound to sweep throughout Longview, but it is going to take even more help and more people devoted to helping just like Timothy helped Paul. Courtny and I are hoping we can find more time in the future to help even more and can’t wait to see what all the Lord has in store for downtown Longview. The thing we absolutely loved most about Shade Tree is the simplicity of what it is; a gathering of people to serve and learn about the Lord. Nobody is pretending to be anything they aren’t, it’s not about politics, it’s not about works, but it’s strictly about God’s love and forgiveness that’s available to everybody -prostitutes, homeless, poor, addicts, and YOU. It’s not about being Baptist, Methodist, non-denominational, or any other denomination or religion, but it’s about a relationship with God. I think it’s necessary for us to step back at times and realize that it doesn’t matter about the petty differences between the different denominations as long as our goal is to bring honor and glory to God. I pray that this ministry can continue to grow so that it becomes a catalyst to cause the whole city of Longview to see who God really is and what Christianity is really about. Praise God for giving the vision and boldness to the leaders of the ministry at the Shade Tree to start this ministry and follow through. Praise God that He sent us His son to die for our sins so that we can all be forgiven and have the opportunity to spend eternity with Him in Heaven!

Josh McGrew

Testimony from one of the Kilgore Rangerettes that came and served

The Sanctuary Under the Shade Tree is an unbelievable ministry that welcomed us to join them in lending a hand to the community. As Rangerettes, we feel so blessed to have such a supportive community, and we want nothing more than to reach out and humbly serve them back.

A local freshman Rangerette, Briana, first brought this serving idea to our attention. So, one Saturday morning a group of us joined dozens and dozens more helpers at the Sanctuary Under the Shade Tree. We were surrounded by the most kind and welcoming people who let us jump right in to lend a hand. We sorted and passed out clothing, spoke with people of the community and heard their incredible stories, helped prepare meals, and assisted with filling out food bank forms. Among all the activity that morning, the worship service was one I know we will never forget. Every person completely surrendered all that they were to Christ, with their hands lifted and their voices raised. They seemed to forget any circumstances that had fallen in their path of life, for in that moment those situations did not seem to matter to them. These people have faith like you’ve never seen. Some of their stories were astounding and yet, they worshiped without fear of the future. That was a bold lesson that God put before us that day.

While working at the clothing tables, we found ourselves having to apologize to the men for not having enough men’s clothing and socks to hand out. We were all so touched that day, and we knew there was something more we could do to help. That next week we collected spare change, any other money we could come up with, and clothing donations. At the end of two weeks, we took the money collected and bought nice work shoes, work coats, jackets, and socks for all the men who so badly needed it a few weekends before. Our thought process was this, when they attend this amazing church, they are being fed spiritually and, along with hearing the word of Christ, we figured the only other tool they may need to get back on their feet would be attire for a job interview. We wanted to do all we could to provide them with opportunities for the future.  

We all hope and pray that the Sanctuary Under the Shade Tree continues in its ministry to so many. Our experience was one that we will hold onto forever. We were able to see what real faith looks like no matter the life that God has provided us with. 

Thank You,


If you would like to help PPM serve at the Hwy 80 Rescue Mission, please contact our office at 903-236-9839.  We have the privilege of serving the fourth Thursday of each month.  We serve a fabulous meal and encourage them with a message of Christ’s love and forgiveness.  “If you have given to the least of these, you have given unto me.”  The following pictures are taken from our serve time.


Gary Don Sharing about the Lord getting them out of the storm by getting in their boat with them

Kent Mullikin

Wanda Young and Susan Avery

Devin Worsham

Alan Johnson- PPM Partner

PPM prayer partners

Scott Hamilton councils and prays with one in need

Service Crew



Jack Goetz, John Leach, Jared and Debbie Crumpler


Madison Perkins, Mindy Hamilton


PPM has been feeding at the Hwy 80 Rescue Mission now for over seven years.

Come Join Us!

John Leach serving

It hasn’t only been a blessing to the ones receiving the physical food. We too have been blessed by being a part of this tremendous responsiblity.   Isaiah 58:10 says “and if you spend yourselves on behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness and your night will become like the noonday.  The Lord will guide you always, he will satisfy your needs in a  sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame.  You will be like a  well-watered garden, like a  spring whose waters never fail.” Praise the Lord for the service of His saints!  You too can have a part in this ministry…  In His Service,

Dr. Crumpler preparing desserts
Susan Avery, Wanda Young and Russell Roach prepare and serve drinks for the guests
Clay Perkins and Gary Don Holley prepare for serving, and having too good of a time
Clay Perkins, just to listen sometimes…
Rev singing “I’d Rather Have Jesus”
Ron, Don and Clay leading in Worship on the streets

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